Content Marketing

Content & Marketing Statistics That Should Thrill CMOs

Content marketing and creation have always been a strong suits for CMOs. 2022, too, is propitious for content marketing, given the rising need to entice 5 billion users in the digital world. Below are a few statistics that might help CMOs make better decisions for more successful content creation outsourcing strategies and a fulfilling ROI with respect to content marketing. 

1. In 2022, the number of successful content marketers having a well-documented strategy jumps to 62%, as opposed to 39% in 2018

A well-documented and planned content marketing strategy helps everyone on the team look at things in the clear and plan other marketing strategies – in a way that compliments content marketing. It will not only keep expectations, expenditures, and tapping of ROI in place but also ensure a chalked-out plan unfolding at the right time, in accordance with the trends.


2. 92% of Customers Want Brands to Tell Them Stories

No doubt anyone loves a good story, but with an increasing number of companies adopting content writing, it is hard to ensure that your content stands out. According to OneStop, 92% of consumers want brands to provide them with ads that feel like stories. The solution lies in the ability of write-ups to engage people. The better a story your content tells your reader, the better the viewership of your content.

3. Adding Coloured Visual Aids Increases People’s Willingness to Read Content by 80%

With an influx of information and content on the internet, the best way to attract attention and generate more viewership for your content is by adding relevant visual cues in the form of videos and pictures. It makes the content more intriguing, improves the recall value, and people are more likely to engage with it. As opposed to the scenario years ago, increased use of video/audio content, written content, and images can be seen with respect to B2C content marketing. (CMI and MarketingProfs).

4. 93% of marketers use social media ads regularly

About 3.96 billion people use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. According to estimates, about 93% of marketers use social media ads on a daily basis. Millennials are most active on social media sites, and our digital lives are more of an extension of our physical lives. Audience engagement on social media sites not only provides more digital space to advertise products but also provides novelty to this arena of advertising. There is also an increasing trend of bloggers reviewing products bought from recommended ads on Facebook, Amazon, and the likes. These are good platforms to reach out to a vast base of consumers, keeping in mind that the social media fever is only growing.

5. Use of long-form content

Who says long-form content is dead? According to a 2020 study, Google’s first-page average word count comes to 1,447 words. The length of the content holds a lot of weight and value. The constant discussion of shortening attention spans hasn’t seemed to affect the length of content marketing articles at all. In fact, more and more companies are willing to produce lengthy content for readers.

6. Regular content and ROI

More than ever, regularity is the key to everything! Even for content generation and marketing, regular newsletters, publishing blogs, etc., are the key to a good readership base. Regular notifications, emails, and messages from companies keep the brands and their products in the mind space of the consumer. Be it sales, deals, or new launches, it improves the possibility of consumers coming back to the brand, which maintains constant touch with them. Due to this, marketers who are generating content on a regular basis are 3X more likely to be able to generate leads for the company.  A study shows that regular blogging allows content marketers 13X more likely to drive positive ROI for the company. 

7. 54% of Fortune 500 companies have a public-facing blog

Big corporations realise the value of content creation and marketing, with 54% having a public-facing blog. Another survey reveals that companies with a content marketing strategy and a blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. 

8. 60% of consumers like reading relevant content from their favourite brands

Brands can’t deny the power of content marketing when 60% of consumers stick to a brand when they read regular, relevant content of their preferences. Further, 70% of people learn about a brand from their articles and not from their ads.

9. 78% of consumers feel a connection between themselves and the company by reading well-marketed content

Improving customer-company relationships is a priority for any brand to grow. Relevant content helps 78% of people find a personal relationship with brands. Moreover, 82% of consumers get a positive image of a company after reading custom content. A good content marketing strategy can help brands hold not only their current customer base but also acquire new customers.

10. 70% of people feel closer to a company due to content marketing

Content marketing helps to bring consumers closer to their favourite brands. 80% of consumers have accepted that they prefer knowing about a brand through custom content. Studies also show that 70% of people feel closer to their favourite brands due to a well-executed content marketing strategy.

These are a few statistics that are bound to make your content creation outsourcing strategies better and more effective. Bulk marketing has been on the rise since 2016, and with every company trying a hand at it, there is just a lot of influx of information, and this guide will help you stand apart in 2022!